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>>> cutting and grinding equipment <<< after welding a joint, it's a common practice to grind a weld bead down, using an angle grinder. (cover weld beads are usually kept in tact, but root and fill passes in pipe welding are frequently grinded.) so an angle grinder is a standard tool of the trade.

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grinding welds 10-17-2008, 01:13 pm if the weld is on something where strength is of the utmost importance, chances are cosmetics are not important and grinding the weld is a bad idea. there will be no need to grind a good weld. with proper practice and proper metal prep, your welds should enhance the appearance and also enhance the

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conformability to the weld to blend into the parent material where grinding on either side of the weld is allowable. confined spaces where grinding wheel breakage could pose more of a risk. forgiving cutting action – avoid large gouges. better surface finish than a grinding wheel or fiber disc, grit for grit

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grinding welds smoothly can be challenging, mark simpson shares some of his grinding tips to help ensure your success.

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grinding down welds 08-16-2009, 07:59 pm. hello i am i am new to the board and i am wondering how many times can you grind down a weld and reweld on mild steel before it does something to the metal will it make it weaker the reason i ask is because i am not happy with the welds on my car frame. i am using a mm185 with the settings on 4 and 4

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good metal finishing starts with a good weld. as a craftmans you need to improve your welding technique to the point where your work needs minial grinding. this takes practice. make sure you're using the right gas flow and correct wire if you're doing mig. grinding off a large amount of material makes the area hot and then wavy.

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welding funny cartoons from cartoonstock directory welding cartoons and comics. welding cartoon 1 of 42 'i got you the ipod that i promised you, and for your convenience, i've welded it to the lawn mower.' need help contact us faq search tips about us terms & conditions content policy

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pros of weldit, is it ever ok to grind welds i've been discussing with a friend of mine whether or not it's ever ok to grind your welds. i understand that grinding down a weld reduces it's strength, and therefore a structural weld should never be ground down.

grinding, smoothing welds the h.a.m.b.

i've started body work on my '53 bel air and once i start grinding/smoothing my welds it looks like crap and i have to wonder how much metal i've removed from the surrounding area. i am using a 4" grinder with a hard disc take down the high welds and then a medium grit sanding pad.

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