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the semi-stationary crusher benefits from the robust design of the motors and the high torque. the result is continuously high crushing performance with long durability. the hydraulic components are not only robust and powerful, but also allow fast, infinitely variable control. as such, the crusher can be adjusted perfectly to the required material, producing consistent results every time, the

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hydraulic crusher produces innovative solutions for design and production of new generation demolition attachments. all hydraulic crusher products are created as a result of a long-term and detailed work by expert engineers. our new generation of equipment does not have a hose so plug-and-uninstall operations can be done easily.

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the light-whip gouged through the durasteel with a shriek of tearing metal, filling the air with the smell of hydraulic fluid, and the spurt of liquid turned into a torrent that began spreading in

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hydraulic crusher produces demolition attachments so that you can get maximum efficiency from your demolition processes and aims to make your demolition process easier. with the new design we have created, the need for maintenance of the machines has been reduced and the strength of the jaws and main bodies has been increased.

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just in anyone really wants to make sure your data won't get into the wrong hands try this: drive crusher (using hydraulic rams similar to those in a "jaws of life" unit)