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drotsky grinding mills contact zimbabwe. drotsky maize mill zimbabwe grinding mill equipment. electric motors for grinding mills for sale in gauteng province ata zimbabwe maize grinding mills stone crusher for sale in electric hammer mills in gauteng south africa hippo grinding mill for sale in south in mind and drotsky is more details get price.

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through the years drotsky sold more than 60 000 hammer mills in southern africa and the advantage of this unconventional designed hammer mill is that the milled product comes out of the machine at a far higher rate than the old conventional designs. how does a drotsky hammer mill work


drotsky has been manufacturing hammer mills and feed mixers since 1962. over the past 50 years we have built a solid reputation based on perfection, sound business principles and unsurpassed experience and expertise.

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about us. founded by mr gert drotsky in 1962 and continued by mr tewis van der ryst, drotsky has gone from strength to strength to become a household name for hammer mills, feed mixers and pelletisers. the first hammer mill was built in mr drotsky’s garage and a legacy was born. over the years the industry has changed and we stayed abreast of