how do you get crushers soul gem

do soul gems get removed - the elder scrolls v: skyrim

do soul gems get removed when you use a soul gem for enchanting or recharging enchanted items, does the entire gem get used or does it remove the soul and give back the empty gem thanks! user info: malawoala. malawoala - 7 years ago. accepted answer.

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how do i fill black soul gem - the elder scrolls v

the same way as a regular soul gem. find an enemy, cast soul trap on it, then kill it to fill the gem. i'm not exactly sure if you need a grand soul or if any type of soul will do. if you don't have soul trap, the tome can be randomly bought from wizards.

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easiest way to farm soul gems - the elder scrolls v

sahuagin posted why just soul trap everything you do encounter, regardless of it's level. i do. but i'm using them to enchant iron daggers, i don't really want to waste grand and greater souls on those. you could just get azura's star/the black star and throw away all of your other soul gems. i don't have a lack of gems. i have a lack

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how do i get a soul in a soul gem - the elder scrolls

alrighty first thing's first, you wanna buy (or if you're in balmora just look in the crates that are all over the city, you're likely to find a bunch around there) any kind of empty soul gem you want, be it petty, lesser, greater, or grand (there's a grand one in the mages guild of balmora but you're gonna want to join the guild first or it's gonna be impossible to get, that's all i'm gonna

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