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note that this tool is for spindles only. it is not intended for bowl turning. any bevel angle from 40°-55° works; so the factory-ground angle is a good starting point. adjust the angle of a flat rest so that the tool bevel rides against the stone. now turn on the grinder, and with the tool parallel to the wheel, touch the tip of the tool.

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for sharpening your high speed steel tools we suggest a slow running grinder, raptor set up tools, the wolverine jig and the oneway varigrind. while these jigs and tools are not required, they will help ensure that you end up with the same grind geometry every time. cbn wheels. in our shop, we use cbn wheels.

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need to sharpen a knife all you need is a coffee mug. if your knife isn't honed and you don't have a sharpener, you can easily make do by sharpening the blades on the bottom rim of a ceramic

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sharpening your woodturning tools joe fleming note #1: when your grinding wheel wears down, the angles will gradually drift. you may want to go back through this setup after taking off 3/8 “ to 1/2” of diameter.

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guideline for grinding woodturning tool angles scraper 80.00 70-80 deg. gouge side bevel profile best ok x no x no sum of angles equals 60-70 deg.. 35.00 reverse angle or negative rake scraper

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so i have a 1000 grit whetstone which i soak for 10-20 mins in water to get all the air out. i lay down a dam cloth so the stone wont move, then i proceed to sharpen. to sharpren i hold the knife edge at a 15 degree angle and with my three middle fingers starting in the middle of the knife push it back and forth and equal number of times.

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bowl gouge sharpening angles – surprise answer. your bowl gouge sharpening angles are vital because they dictate the way you stand, position yourself, move, and conform to the create bowls. did you notice the emphasizes on “you” almost any angle, within reason, on the gouge bevel will cut wood.