anca grinding machine


the fx linear machine range is ideal for everything from light manufacturing, to regrinding and full production. every part on the machine - from the positioning of the grinding wheel on the c-axis centreline to reduce thermal influence, to the anca designed linear motors - have been designed to enhance accuracy, increase productivity and make the operator’s day easier.


anca is a global tier 1 supplier of cnc tool and cutter grinders with over 35 years experience and a reputation for flexible software and accurate machines

anca cnc grinding machines - crotts and saunders

founded in 1974, anca has a reputation of being a world-leading manufacturer of cnc grinding machines. with its blend of high-level engineering, software development and practical experience, anca continues to support the industry with innovative products.

pinch peel grinding - anca

our sophisticated machine technology allow for quick part changeover and automatically switching between grinding faces to produce tools of both increasing and decreasing radii. the probe support provides quick set up for even the most intricate of specifications whilst still delivering high precision and accuracy.


this technology seems basic today but in 1986 anca was the first company to apply this technology, changing tool grinding forever. other firsts by anca include in-machine measurement using a ccd camera, 3d tool simulation, tubular linear motors, redundant axes generated in the coordinate transformations, wheel balancing and many more.