crusher plant secondary primary development

crushing plant flowsheet & design-layout

standard (secondary) cone crusher (refer to fig. 1): the standard cone crusher is normally applied as a secondary crusher in a multi-stage crushing circuit. the small diameter feed distributor and the wide throat opening at the top of the liners enable the standard cone crusher to accommodate the larger feed produced by the primary crusher.

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crusher plant secondary primary development

for various kinds of crushing equipment, jaw crusher is a very important one. in this article, we focus on jaw crusher used for primary crushing in crushing plant. jaw crusher for primary crushing. as we know, in crushing plant, there generally need a primary crusher and a secondary crusher in order to process the raw materials into required sizes.

secondary crushing equipment - mineral processing & metallurgy

the term should not be used, as it sometimes is, to designate a particular type or size of crusher because any type and size might conceivably be used for secondary crushing. a very large number of secondary crushers in our present-day plants were originally primary crushers in those same plants.

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