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mega man battle network 4: red sun - faq/walkthrough

time the rocks with the b button and break each one. incorrect timing will lead to a stun that may cost you about 3 to 5 seconds. succeed and jack out and return to tamako in front of the ice cream cart. metalman is inside waiting for you. jack in and beat him three times in a rock-crushing challenge (damnedly difficult).

arcane warrior qs: leveling as aw, stats, party comp, dw

-lower base damage-potentially lower dps against heavily-WPCed targets (WPC is flat damage reduction)-nug crusher (also rto) is pretty boss with +100 mana and +2 attack for gathering aggro:-if you're playing on nightmare, you get +20 threat when the enemy enters your miasma range. that means the spell is a must, especially prior to blood wound.

iso: a high performance blender - cookware - chowhound

must be flawless at crushing ice, blending ice cream and making smoothies. loved it, although i have never tried to blend glass marbles in it. for what it's worth, i think a hand-cranked ice crusher is superior for that job to any blender. read the iso: a high performance blender discussion from the chowhound cookware food community

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new and used cone crushers for sale savona equipment is a cone crusher supplier worldwide. cone crushers are used in large primary ore crushing, secondary, and tertiary fine material as well as complete aggregate cone crushing lines. we also have cone crusher parts for sale but they are subject to