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sfg10e electric surface grinder — operation and parts manual — rev. #2 (05/28/09) — page 3 table of contents specification and part number are subject to change without notice. as a continuing effort to update our parts book, contact the multiquip literature department for the latest revision of your "operation and parts manual"

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the table handwheel can be indexed to 9 different positions, without backlash, for more convenient operation. longitudinal & cross drive for all models, except csg-618 & 818 handfeed, the longitudinal movement is driven by a hydraulic system; 0n 2a and 3a series, the cross movement is driven by motor for more accurate increment feeding.

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the class "surface grinder operation" provides step-by-step guidelines on how to grind a rectangular workpiece. grinding each side of a workpiece requires wheel dressing and other preparatory steps, and then roughing and finishing passes. workpiece sides are numbered from 1 to 6 in order to track which sides must be ground perpendicular or parallel to one another.

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brand new surface grinders for sale at machines 4u. manual surface grinder 415v 460 x 220mm call for our best price the sg-820 is an excellent surface grinder for grinding precision parts in hardened or annealed ferrous metals. 860 x 450mm call for our best price description full range available up to 700 x 2050mm work tables when it

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comes with magnetic chuck pictured below the table, some other setup tooling and a delta uni-head indexing workhead. the handwheel to raise and lower the spindle is broken and will need repaired or replaced. needs a new on/off switch. these are extremely compact and practical machines for small surface grinding and toolsharpening.