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(bonus!) on the conveyor, you'll fight a black flaming axe guy. past him, two black electras, a red garcia with a knife, and a green garcia will make life hard near the crusher. (toss in an additional red shiva in 2-player mode) ham on! across the next series of crushers (after seeing "go" for the umpteenth time), you'll fight two purple signals.

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the car crusher is also located here and can be used to get extra money when disposing of most vehicles. at the east side of this intersection is a dirt road that leads to: >>8-ball's bomb shop (st. mark's) ***** location: (north) st. mark's. the best deals in used cars can be found here. from here, turn right and go through the next three

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stone of force vol. 4 value: 45,000 "all life betrays itself and dies. to attempt to preserve one's life is pointless. loyalty must be given to something greater than a single life." stone of force vol. 5 value: 45,000 "we offer total allegiance to our species, as represented by the state. we stand guard against all forms of threat.