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will the skillet ultimately have a better non-stick surface, or be better is any other way, if i polish the interior before seasoning i'm aware this could be a major undertaking, maybe more effort than i'm willing to give to it, but that isn't part of the question. only "is it a good thing to do" is being asked.

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o stock up on frequently used items such as water, salt, flour, polishing powder and melty spring water (when you can buy this.) try to take on the quests that reward you with recipes and rare items. o many items can only be found as rewards for quests, so be sure to undertake as many quests as possible. make sure you buy extra chrome

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duro-chrome’s metal polishing and buffing process uses a wide range of materials and methods to smooth a surface depending on the original condition of the part. our walk-in sandblasting room gives us the capabilities to conduct large tube and barrel polishing — up to 130” long with outer diameters of 48” — in addition to smaller jobs.

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proper grinding of chrome uses so much grinding (cutting) fluid that there should be zero problem from the chrome. fluid mist inhalation might be a problem, but chrome would not be. i seriously doubt if polishing would be an inhalation problem, but could be.

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from pre-inspection, stripping chrome, pre-grinding, stress relieving, pre-polishing, hard chrome plating, hydrogen embrittlement, precision grinding pre-inspection and cleaning to masking and etching to final polishing and finishing, we are a full-service hard chrome plating provider.

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polishing hard chrome plating. hydro-platers has the ability to polish a wide variety of sizes both in diameter and in lengths. this service is available as part of the finishing process, both prior to and after hard chrome and sulfamate nickel plating or as a separate contract service. finish grinding of hard chrome plating

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brush plating, grinding, polishing, sandblasting of rollers. lathe work such as grinding of rollers with very tight tolerances, brush plating and welding are also offered brush plating, grinding, polishing, sandblasting - mexicali hard chrome

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erich gamma and john wiegand started tuesday afternoon's activities with a plenary session called "stories along the eclipse way". this talk is a standard fixture in every eclipsecon. erich