carbon in pulp process grate discharge ball mill

how a grate discharge ball mill works

here i try to explain how ground slurry is discharged from a grate ball mill (or sag). how it works is, the slurry flows across the grate as it would a screen panel. on the other side of the grate/screens are veins like a pump impeller. as the mill turns/rotates the slurry is “pumped” out and discharged. discharge grates the natural flexibility of rubber has allowed rubber manufacturers to

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(pdf) a new design of pulp lifter for grate discharge mills

a new design of pulp lifter for grate discharge mills. on impact of the discharge grate and pulp lifters on slurry transport in sag mills revealed the limitations of the conventional designs

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improved relationships for discharge in sag/ag mills

of grate/pulp lifter design in ag/sag mill discharge. the current understanding from literature lacks knowledge of mill content size distribution and its effect on discharge through the grate at various aperture sizes and radial positions. it also indicates that in

horizontal grinding mill overflow type, grate-discharge

grate-discharge type the grate-discharge type of ball mill has a grate at the outlet of the shell and causes less excessive grinding, compared to the overflow type. therefore, generally, it is best suited to grind materials up to the particle sizes ranging from 60 to 100 mesh. compartment type