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to use a wind mill and generator combo you have to build them both on the same plane, height, elevation etc and they have to be linked. what we did was build in a 85% wind area by red ob, put down 4 foundations, placed the wind turbine and ran a cable up, one over and 1 down and then the generator will snap to the cable.

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since ancient times, windmills have been used, primarily as a method of grinding grain into flour by using the power of the wind. the original windmills, used in persia in the 9th century, were vertical-axis mills, but modern windmills use a horizontal axis, in which the blades are fixed to a central post, which is more efficient.

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storm over mass. windmill plan. share; he's a developer who wants to use wind power to replace electric power plants and the pollution they cause. "wind mills are an icon on the cape and

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how do wind turbines work this mechanical power can be used for specific tasks (such as grinding grain or pumping water) or a generator can convert this mechanical power into electricity. a wind turbine turns wind energy into electricity using the aerodynamic force from the rotor blades, which work like an airplane wing or helicopter rotor

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grinding red fife wheat into flour using 200 year old millstones at the old stone mill, delta, ontario how a wind powered sawmill works- amazing - duration:

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a gristmill (also: grist mill, corn mill, flour mill, feed mill or feedmill) grinds cereal grain into flour and middlings.the term can refer to both the grinding mechanism and the building that holds it.

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wind power a growing energy source worldwide. (mwra) wind turbine turns in front of a 1951 megawatt fossil fuel power plant in charlestown, mass., sept.18, 2013. the hydro-wind power