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magic missiles do low-moderate damage, but home in on enemies. uses a small-moderate amount of mana. much stronger than hitting something with a staff but much weaker than most real spells. mostly useful if you brought a fire staff to shallow water since it will be her strongest non-elemental attack. rock press - spell: rock crusher - cast

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rock crusher - manual rock crusher. manual rock crushers : a grinding operation will create small amounts of ai-borne dust. it is always important to either wear a dust mask or be sure to be up wind of the dust. the reason is that you do not know what is in that rock! there could be arsenic and other nasty things in the ore so you don't

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rock crushing equipment. there is a tendency in small plants to overlook or undersize the dust collection system. this can prove to be a serious problem and will usually result in the handling of very wet ore in the fine ore bin since the usual “quick fix” for a dusting problem is the installation of numerous crudely fabricated water

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our 12" x 12" - 12 chain crusher with the new vacuum attachment. we have it configured with a shop vac, and one dust catcher before the vacuum.

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a rock crusher is a piece of equipment designed to take large rocks as input (feed) and produce small rocks, gravel or rock dust as output. they are used to produce rock fill material for such uses as landscaping and erosion control.