start of jaw crushers

importing and operating a chinese rock crusher

the crushing size is about 14x8 but that is going to depend on what you are crushing and how big the opening is set at the bottom.

mobile 8"x 12" jaw crusher on a trailer powered by honda

this is an introductory, operation, and set-up video of one of our 8x12 jaw crushers on a trailer. in this video jason shows how to set up and start the crusher.

crushing plant startup sequence and procedure

start the jaw crusher and allow it to come up to full speed before feeding it ore. start the apron feeder and adjust the hand speed control to the desired feed rate. safety codes require that a horn must sound for approximately 30 seconds prior to the start up of any conveyor.

jaw crusher working principle

these jaw crushers are ideal for small properties and they are of the high capacity forced feed design. on this first forced feed jaw crusher, the main frame and bumper are cast of special alloy iron and the initial cost is low. the frame is ribbed both vertically and horizontally to give maximum strength with minimum weight.

jaw crushers

a jaw crusher designed for operators first—those who have rock or ore tougher and more abrasive than most material. second—the operators who’ve had difficulty with other designs of crushers. and finally—the operators who naturally buy the best—expecting their added investment to be written off in comparatively short time through lower operating and maintenance costs